Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Ones That Got Away

I was hanging out with some of the fellas from work Friday night, and as usual when you get a bunch of guys together and throw in 3-4 beers, the topics turn to sports and/or sex.

The conversation turned to the people you could have slept with, but never made the move. This was a conversation about true regret, because all of us are in varying stages of relationships (from having girlfriends to being married with a small child). These were the hook-ups that will probably never be consummated.

I have not slept with tons of people in my life, but I have slept with enough to be able to say this: I remember the ones that got away more than some of the ones who didn't. Maybe that is because there are a few I'd like to forget. I won't forget the cute Israeli girl who wanted to sleep with me while we were at a party in law school (I demurred because I thought she was "too drunk." The only reason I was so stupid in coming up with that is I was probably too drunk to realize what I was doing.)

The lost ones were an exotic group. Bolivian exchange students. Potential menages that ended with the girls laughing and passing out. All vivid and gone.


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happens every FRIDAY

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