Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Banality Fair Goes To Vegas, Part 2

After the fact, I thought that maybe I should have bartered with Breasty. Gotten something for giving her my cap. Instead:

Joseph K: Sure, take it.

She took my blue Washington Nationals cap and saunter to the center of the bar area. She pulled down her white tube top and put my cap over her right breat. It hung there. Then it went up. And down. And up. And down.

My cap got to second base. I have to say, my cap was never the same the rest of the trip. It was cocky. Too cocky.

She handed it back to me, and I debated whether I should wear it again. After all, it had been on some random woman's breast. I put it back on, and got brain freeze.

Jospeh K: Wild.
M. Fresh: Yeah.

Just then, these two people sitting at the table next to us approached us.

Guy 1: Mind if we join you?
"Guy" 2: Is it cool?
M. Fresh: Sure. You guys having a good time?
Guy 1: Yeah.
"Guy" 2: It's my 21st birthday weekend.
M. Fresh: Congratulations. Let us buy you a round.


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