Sunday, August 27, 2006

Banality Fair Goes To Vegas, Part 1

Just got back from a weekend in Vegas with M. Fresh. We have an uncanny ability to attract the surreal.

So, after a few beers to get us loosened up, M. Fresh and I debated where to go next.

M. Fresh: So, where do you want to go next?
Joseph K: I am kind of up in the air.
M. Fresh: Me too.
Joseph K: Last time I was here, we ended up stumblling into a room filled with hookers at the Alladin. Amusing to watch them in action at a Disney-themed (maybe?) casino.
M. Fresh: The Alladin it is.

So we ended up at the Alladin. We went to the upstairs bar, where my friend A and I came across the afore-mentioned hookers.

We sat at a table. No hookers. No waitress even.

Joseph K: This is lame.
M. Fresh: Yeah, maybe we should go somewhere else.
Joseph K: Let me try and order a drink first.

As I waited for a bartender to notice me, a waitress appeared at the table. Things were looking up.

As we were enjoying our Newcastles, Suddenly, M. Fresh's eyes widened.

Joseph K: Some women is showing her tits behind me, isn't she?
M. Fresh: Yes.
Joseph K: My breast radar rarely fails me.

I turned around, and there was some woo-hoo girl with her tube top down. Sporting two fine examples of man-made breasts.

Joseph K: Pardon me, I have to move my seat.
M. Fresh: That's understandable.

Then, the woman started performing tricks. One breast up. The other one up. Both down. Remarkable control of her breasts, the type of which is usually seen on higher-end strippers. But, not at the Alladin casino bar. Usually, anyways. She was putting on the show for this table of 10 or so guys.

Then she looked at me and walked over. I was dressed in a maroon tee-shirt and jeans. And a baseball cap.

Breasty: Can I borrow your cap?


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