Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally Grillin' And Almost Dying

I made a very important step in my life yesterday. I finally bought a grill. A charcoal grill to be precise. It would not have happened but for the research hard work and enthusiasm of this one friend of mine. I rewarded her by having her make me a meal using it.

It actually went fine at first. Assembly was a snap. Then, we had to get the coals going. We were using some sort of device known as a chimney to light them. It is a cylindrical thing in which you put the newspapers and coal you use to get the coals going. Those coals really lit up. This enormous flame shot out and I was convinced they were going to set my house and those of my neighbors on fire.

And, the flames wouldn't go down. Finally, I did something that likely offended the barbeque gods: I poured a little water on the coals to calm it down. The flames went down (but still there -- this fire was indefitgable) and the coals still burned. I didn't realize that "chimney" is a synonym for "flamethrower." I am not sure I am going to use that device again.


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