Thursday, September 14, 2006

Banality Fair Goes To Vegas, Fin

We arrived at the helicopter tour place, and there were way too many people wearing epaulettes. Two stripes, Three stripes. Four stripes!

The place offered all passengers a free glass of champagne. We partook Banality Fair style. Which means, we went back for seconds. We would have gone back for thirds, but they called us out to the landing area. We were driven out there by a guy with three stripes. Clearly, he was a high ranking van driver who deserved to be taken seriously.

The flight was short, but Vegas by air is stunning. It is truly and beautifully ridiculous. Odd, unnecessary lights and structures made all the more fascinating with a decent buzz. Our pilot provided possibly the most inane commentary, but the good thing was that none was necessary.

Things had turned. We spent the rest of the night gambling. I won back most of the money I lost. A couple of hundred dollars here from a quick blackjack run. A couple more from a longer spell at a roulette table. M. Fresh took my bad gambling mojo like a good sport.

We must have gone to bed around 6AM. I woke up a few hours later. I had a plane to catch around noon, and my body was anxious about catching it. I stared out onto part of the strip.

Thinking, this just might be the last time I do that.

Until the next time.


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