Sunday, September 10, 2006

Banality Fair Goes To Vegas, Part 2.5

M. Fresh was flipping through one of those thick weekly "to-do" booklets they issue in Vegas.

M. Fresh: A helicopter ride.

Absolutely. Something completely different. We'd been to sin city so many times. We'd gambled. We'd drank. We'd seen pissing elephants. We needed something different.

Joseph K: Brilliant. That is it. That. Is. It.

The bright lights from above. What seemed like the perfect night cap to an evening with Carrot Top (before we knew he was abjectly stiff.

Joseph K: The only way to make this all work is to start off at the right casino. The right place to characterize the rest of the trip.

I looked out the window of the room at the Luxor. And, there it was. The perfect starting off point.

Joseph K: To the Hooters casino.


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