Sunday, September 03, 2006

Banality Fair Goes To Vegas, Prologue

M. Fresh and I have been to Vegas several times. Our livers can attest to that fact.

In recent years, when we've gone to Vegas, we've made a point of picking a truly terrible show, getting drunk and taking in the absurdity. This idea led to us being pissed on by elephants at the Sigfried & Roy show and taking in a drunk Rick Springfield hit on a 16 year-old girl. In other words, it was brilliant.

So, before the Vegas trip, I was perusing the shows, and it was a revelation. Of course, that was it.

I emailed M. Fresh seconds later.

"Subject: Vegas Show

Two words: Carrot Top."

Her response: "Yes!"

And thus began -- to borrow a phrase from David Foster Wallace -- our path towards a supposedly fun thing we'll never do again. More later.


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