Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blogging The Game

I am an enormous football fan. The kind that can describe the Cover 2 defense and knows what the "Mike" linebacker is. And, I am an even bigger Redskins fan. I have felt a bit conflicted about calling the team the "Redskins." One of my best friends is part Native American. I asked him whether it was an offensive term. He basically responded, "Who gives a fuck." Good enough for me. Go Skins!

My beloved Skins are in the NFC Divisional playoffs today. Massive underdogs to the Seattle Seahawks. I am fired up for the game, but it is hard to hate Seattle with the some hatred I have for, say, Dallas or New York. They're too damn polite to hate. They are also tragically inept in the playoffs, so you knid of feel for them. They are the Pagliacci's Clown of the NFL.

The fellas are coming over for the game. Former Banality Fair alum, Cotton Mather. He gets even more emotional about the Skins than me. So much so, that he has to put his dog in the basement during game days; the dog thinks Cotton's yelling at him and gets depressed.

Also joining us is my historian friend M, and my economist friend N. They'll be referred to hereafter as "the Historian" and "the Economist." I guess that would make me "the Chippendale." Or "the Messiah." Who am I kidding, "the Common Occupationist."

So, I'll be blogging the game....

3:07: Local Redskins pre-game show. Fox local news stooge Dave Feldman interviews a Seahawk cheerleader who shows a stronger command of the game and matchup that Feldman. Hardly suprising. A beaver has better command of game analysis than Feldman.

3:33: Fox pre-game show. Bad jokes about Jimmy Johnson's hair. Seriosuly, that is what they lead the damn show off with. Now, those are entertainers. Never letting football get in the way of good schtick. This is the reason I don't watch pre-game shows normally. But, I am so fired up for the game, here I am.

3:40: They are making jokes about the gap between Michael Strahan's front teeth. Enough. I turn the channel over to "Dallas Cowboys Heerleaders: Making The Team."

4:30: Game time. The announcing team is disappointing. Mostly because if features fat, neckless Tony Siragusa who insists on doing bits about eating sausages and how fat he is rather than providing information. Ugh.

7:40: Seattle 20, Washington 10. We suck.


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GO PANTHERS! Oh... Wait... Sorry. :(

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