Thursday, January 12, 2006


I dunno how I fell about this Alito..."thing." I think he may be a problem for those who support a woman's right to choose or those who challenege an imperial assertion of executive power. That said, one wonders if there should be some matter how the president's discretionary power to apppoint whomever he might desire. So long as they are qualified. Does the victor have a mandate to reshape things? Its easier to care about competitive eaters than this kind of meaningful shit, I swear...Then, there is the geek-not-so-chic think he's got going on. Hard for me not to relate...


Blogger Chemical Billy said...

That way lies, well, a monarchy, Joseph. The whole "advise and consent" thing wasn't just in there for decoration. Although the hearings might as well be. Bad decoration.

And just 'cause you can relate to someone doesn't mean he should be deciding our fate for the rest of his life.

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