Thursday, December 15, 2005

The War On Christmas

I have been following the supposed "defense of Christmas" with some amusement. The attempt to politicize the meaning of Christmas has been both crass and disillusioning. And yet, illuminating.

I reviewed the Bible recently looking for evidence that what we celebrate at "Christmas" the right way. You know, the tree, stockings, gifts. Nothing. I see no evidence that Christ wanted us to develop this cult of personality, where we show our devotion by worshiping a tree and giving those that have, more. As far as I can tell, it is some pseudo-pagan North European nonsense. I cannot find one passage in the Bible -- even the New Testament, which many claim to be inaccurate in some ways -- where Jesus celebrated his birthday the way we do. No special wine on his birthday. Just another day trying to explain the truth.

Can you find some other stuff in there making the way we celebrate Christmas meaningful? Or to distinguish Christ's birthday from any other Judeo-Christian holidays? If Christ's righteousness and humility is itself a lesson, how have we done in understanding it? Where is there room for non-humanist, empty symbolism?

So is reducing the period of time when Jesus was born to a period of time to talk about Santa Claus and gifts to the maybe not-so-needy what it is about? If no, why should the sematics of "Happy Holidays" versus "Happy Christmas" matter?

Have we understood the point? Happy Holidays or Christmas as you figure that out.


Blogger Jenn said...

While watching this go on (and I'm sure I've only seen the barest fringes of the 'war'), I have no idea whether to laugh or cry. Mostly it's funny, but is there really nothing else that warrants the time and energy??

ack. With that off my chest, I'm off to have a Pleasant Full Moon and ponder the upcoming Joyful Soltice.

Happy Everything!

11:19 PM  

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