Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day Blogging, Pt. 1

As I mentioned in a comment on a fellow blogger's site, Thanksgiving is a day of physical abuse for me. Banality Fair is not really a blog about my personal life, but I guess I have to delve into it a bit to explain. The K household has two sets of family here in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. So, Joseph K has to go to two Thanksgiving meals. It is a level of gluttony that, thankfully, most people do not have to endure.

I will be subjecting my body to two types of abuse. To prepare, the benign, healthy kind. Eating two full Thanksgiving meals requires a lot of conditioning and preparation.

My last meal was at 7PM last night. That was it. The last thing consumed with any calories in it was the glass of wine I had last night with my sister who is in town.

This morning, I drank about a quart of water to clear the system and stretch the stomach. Then, on an empty stomach, I got on the treadmill, set it at a 10% incline and started jogging. A little over an hour later, much sweat lost and a 1000 calories burned, I hop off.

A little gurgling in the stomach, which I satiate with another quart of water. I hit the shower, pop out, put on a towel and lie on the bed and meditate for a while. Then, I slip a CD into the bedside cd player. Curtis Mayfield singing "Future Song (Love a Good Woman, Love a Good Man)".

Ok, I am ready now.

First up, Thanksgiving lunch at T's family's house. More later.


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