Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Bucket

Banality Fair alum Cotton Mather and I decided to go for an afterwork beer. We ended up at this German brew pub place. A chain place, but still, it is a good place to drink beer and rap.

So they had this promotion where they had brewed this seasonal lager. Weiss, veiss, heiss...some sort of " --eiss" beer.

The waitress asked us "So, do you want a half liter or liter?"

Being cheap, we recognized that a larger beer was probably cheaper. "A couple of liters, please."

So she brought the beers. They were in these enormous glasses. Reality set in. A liter of beer is, well, a lot of beer. Somewhere north of a quart. It came in these enormous glass mugs. Large glass mugs, filled with a liter of fluid. They were heavy. Two hands heavy. Glass buckets of beer.

I mean they were big. It was warm at the joint, and I seriously contemplated doffing my suit and going for a dip in my beer. It was cool and refreshing. Inviting. I wondered if there was a difference between swimming in beer and swimming in a pool. What is the consistency of swiming in beer versus swimming in the ocean. I didn't know, but really wanted to find out. And the opportunity presented itself, however awkwardly. Instead of swimming in it, I drank it. It was good.

Something about drinking a bucket full of beer makes you just free to talk about some shit. Not that Cotton and I wouldn't be open to talking about anything. We're buddies. But, the bucket of beer liberated us. I felt free.

We found truth in a bucket of beer. Then, we hopped a subway train home.


Blogger Philofaxer said...

It's your lucky day, JK.

I'd be happy to pour some beers over your head if you'd like a sneak preview.

1:09 PM  
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