Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An Affront to the United States of America...

Democrats initiated a closed session of Congress to force an investigation into the truth behind the Iraq War. Apparently this search for the truth is borderline treason; Senator Bill Frist called this quest for answers "an affront to the United States of America...it's wrong."

It is an affront to us. We really don't want to know, do we? Many of us thought it was cool. It wasn't? Shit, it wasn't me. I knew that shit would be fucked up, you know what I'm saying. Knowledge, naw man screw than.

And, what's this, a commission appointed by the president just suggested getting rid of some of my tax deductions? For home mortgage interest? George Bush doesn't care about white people.

Don't blame Banality Fair, we almost endorsed for Michael A. Peroutka. I think God was down with him or something. But, even God couldn't beat Bush. Republicans really had shit on lock down in 2004. Here's hoping for changes in 2006 (pulling for the Dems. Sorry God.).


Blogger Chemical Billy said...

Go, Peroutka!

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