Monday, December 26, 2005

The Big Three

Watched this weekend what are supposed to be the best movies of the season, if not the year. Pithy reviews follow:

1. "Brokeback Mountain" -- Moving, universal, but overwrought. About 15 minutes longer than it had to be. Ledger, I admit grudgingly, was incredible.

2. "Munich" -- Aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful, gripping. About 10 minutes too long. Eric Bana, I admit grudgingly, did a great job.

3. "King Kong" -- Develops slowly, some redeeming portions, overrated, unconvincing (what was all that blather I heard about the moving relationship between the Ape and Natalie Watts? It was contrived. That relationship was, however, more convincing than the relationship between Watts and Heath Ledger (see #1, above)). About 60 minutes too long. Can Jack Black play anyone other than Jack Black?

In sum, studios need to check these directors. These movies were too long in their own ways. That said, not a bad crop flicks. If I had to rank them in order of which movie you should definitely watch, it would be "Munich," "Brokeback Mountain," and then "Cheaper By The Dozen 2."


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