Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wha' happened?

Does anyone know of a website describing the immigration and non-resident employment policies in Canada and Mexico? Or barring that, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti? Hell, what about the Sudan?

Here are some personally depressing realizations I've had this morning:

- By the time a non-Bush is in the White House, I will be 36 years old. 36! Doesn't Social Security kick in right about then?

- A Bush will have been president for a full one-third of my entire life.

- A Bush will have been president for an astounding 60% of the years in which I have been legally authorized to drive a car.

- Assuming current (but highly tentative) personal projections hold, my kid(s) will be born into Bushworld.

- My father, who sent me off to college under a Bush presidency, will retire under one too.

All of the foregoing realizations are based on the assumption that no one named Jeb is ever permitted to rule the country. Or Prescott. Or Barbara or Jenna. Ugh.


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