Monday, October 25, 2004

Losing Explosives, Losing Their Minds

So now we learn that the U. S. failed to secure some 380 tons of highly explosive materials that may now be in the bad guys hands. 380 tons. Do you know how much that is? Hint, you'd probably need 50,000 donkeys to transport it.

I love the Bushies rationale: Hey, well, do you know that we destroyed thousands of pounds of explosives notwithstanding. Cool, so our soldier's will not be hurt by the destroyed weapons, so let's forget the 380 tons of other explosives out there.

And: You should be ashamed of politicizing the situation in Iraq. That is a September 10th mentality, and it is the kind of thinking that gives our Wolfmen terrorists comfort. Irony is for bitches!

Seriously, though, I just saw that scary Bush ad on MSNBC where the Wolfmen come to eat us because they hate America and are attracted by the scent of Kerry's effete-ness. And, frankly, I agree with it: Kerry cannot keep us safe from marauding Wolfmen. Didn't just one of them fuck up London in that movie?

Worse: Wolfmen like to eat impressionable soccer/security moms. Be afraid!!!


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