Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Potential Endorsement: Michael A. Peroutka

Not sure whether Joseph K will be endorsing anyone for anything this year. But, I am flirting with the Constitution Party's Michael A. Peroutka. He seduced me with a weird, long commericial I saw last night where he attacked Arlen Specter mercilessly. Haven't we all wanted to.

Anyways, some of his key positions:

1. Against anti-gun legislation. I agree. The time to end anti-gun bigotry has come.

2. Women in the military? "It is the God-commanded order that men are to fight for and protect women and their country. Women are not to fight for and protect men and their country. If I'm elected President, I will do everything within my power to see that women do not serve in the Armed Forces --- at all, anywhere, period." God said it, end of story, chicks. Stop trying to die.

3. Peroutka on a potential draft -- kind of punts, he is definitely anti-Selective Service: "As Samuel warned sinful Israel when they begged for a "King ... like all the nations," "This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen." A Godly ruler is not to amass military might to himself, lest he see his forces and itch to use them. See Deut. 17:16. It is not sound Constitutional policy, and it is not Christian, to view people as mere inventory to be expended at the whimsical fancy of the Chief Executive Officer of these United States."

4. On taxes? "As President, I would work to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolish the IRS, eliminate the income tax and other Godless forms of taxation such as the property tax and the inheritance tax. " The income tax is definitely Godless. God is more of an excise tax type of deity. And the last thing He wants is to have some Government try and tax the Kingdom he would leave to Jesus, his only begotten son.

5. No Child Left Behind Act? Peroutka would push a Every Child Left Behind Act: "As President, I would obey the law, in this case our Constitution. I would immediately move to abolish the Department Of Education and stop all Federal involvement in education. Under my Administration, this illegal Department and the “No Child Left Behind Act” would be left behind. That’s a promise!"

A final word from Michael A. Peroutka that may yet persuade you: "America needs and deserves a President who will stand against the entrenched socialism, elitism and globalism which have a stranglehold on American political power. It is clear that both major parties are committed to the agenda of the New World Order and seek to enforce economic, military and social policies which are antithetical to the interests of our independent Republic. Michael Anthony Peroutka and the Constitution Party will fight to defend America against enemies domestic and foreign and return to a Republic of self-governing states whose laws are rooted in Biblical principles. "


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