Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Passion of the Bush

The coverage of this election is probably the most meta it has ever been, which is clearly more a reflection of the narcissism of the political press corps than voter interest. Campaign strategy, image politics, and facile "fact-checking" have replaced a substantive discussion of the issues. Political reporters and campaign workers have entered into a mutual back-cratching/belly-rubbing relationship to everyone else's disinterest and disadvantage.

That said, when did Bush become an angry guy with bunch of weird tics? Previously, he always projected a virile, tough, jocular image. But, these debates have shown another side.

Excessive blinking. Shoulder hunching. An un-modulated voice. A lack of control over his motor functions, his face. The Tourette's. "Need some wood?" -- huh? Am I watching a debate or lumberjack porn? "Let me finish!" -- no one tried to cut you off, dude.

The great burden of his mission, as bestowed upon him by...well, be our great protector has taken its toll. From fainting an falling after a malicious attack by a liberal pretzel, to falling off a Segway scooter, to falling off his bike, a distracted Bush has suffered many scratches and emotional wounds as he struggles to shoulder his burden to thrash terrorists.

I found myself pitying Bush. He clearly suffers for us, and we shouldn't make light of that.


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