Friday, June 11, 2004

More Reagan-Mania

Reagan fever continues to catch on (symptoms include a sudden desire to take money out of a homeless persons begging cup or invade some place like St. Kitts to prevent the spread of some "ism"). Last night, as I watched the service at the Capitol, I heard about how Reagan single handedly won the Cold War; according to Senator Ted Stevens, we were losing it when Reagan came in to power. Yikes! I have been doing some more research on him and learned:

1. Reagan once taught a bear to read braille. And the bear wasn't even blind!

2. Reagan once won a bet with God. I don't blame God for this, though, since I too thought Posh Spice would be the first to leave the Spice Girls.

3. In a madcap series of events involving Lucille Ball and some bad lobster, Pele came down with food poisoning right before the 1958 World Cup finals. Reagan put on a mask and substituted for him. The result: two goals and a World Cup championship.

4. During "Hands Across America," there was a bit of a scheduling snafu and the nobody in the entire state of Wyoming showed up. Reagan and Rubberman covered the entire state on their own! Wyoming turned out the next day, and Reagan made everyone in the state banana pancakes!

5. Reagan once caught Moby Dick! And then set him free. "Just for sport," he explained as he watched a humbled Moby Dick swim slowly away.


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