Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Election in E Minor

I pulled some CDs from my CD tower a few minutes ago. Here is where the election currently is through song titles from those randomly selected CD:

1. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) -- Marvin Gaye. Is it me or has no one mentioned the environment at all in this election? Not one question about it. But, we did get some question about how Bob Scheiffer, Kerry and Bush are bitches who are controlled by the women in their life. Important, very important.

2. Be Thankful for What You Got -- William DeVaughn. Bush is trying to convince everyone that the tax cut that wasn't (given the rising cost of healthcare, etc.) is something we should be thankful for. That and the deficits and fiscal crisis he has wrought. I am so fucking ungrateful, sorry.

3. One Monkey Don't Stop the Show -- Honey Comb. Nader will probably not be a factor this year.

4. Give Peace a Chance -- John Lennon. Peace is for punks, hippy dead guy. It is about crushing and killing and rooting out and stuff. Look where that peace stuff got you, chief.

5. The More I Get, The More I Want -- Teddy Pendegrass. What new tax cuts will the Richest 1% get if W's re-elected?

6. Tell Me Something Good -- Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Kerry, you gotta ease up a bit on the criticisms and doing that vision thing. And none of this "A Better America" nonsense. The Democrats are allergic to good slogans.

7. Yes We Can -- Pointer Sisters -- That could be a great slogan. Or just "We Can" as in "We can do better. We can succeed. We can be respected. Yes, we can." Too bad the Pointer Sisters song actually sucks, because the title was briefly inspirational there.

Bottom line: I have a pretty cool music collection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes We Can is Mexico's anthem "Si se puede". Can't use it since our neighbour does.

12:52 PM  

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