Wednesday, February 15, 2006

He Shot The Friend, But He Didn't Shoot No Quail

So Cheney shot his friend in the face and chest, thinking him to be a quail. This shit happens, friends. I once mistook my friend for a walrus. Turns out, he had just grown an unfetching mustache. I still shot him, because, you know.

Is there symbolism in all this? Cheney shooting quails. Quayles, maybe? Dan Qualye was everything Cheney despised, a nitwit VP who was open and unorchestrated about it. And an easy mark like the farm-fed quails Cheney was shooting when he wasn't shooting his boy.

I hope he had a beer afterward and reflected on what happened to his buddy and all. What? He had a beer before, that dude is prescient.


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