Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogging The Democratic Debate

7:04 -- Kucinich may be a long shot to win, but he sure is making all Elf-Americans proud.

7:06 -- Edwards: Is America ready for an pretty president?

7:07 -- Clinton pulls a page out of Bush's playbook and invokes 9/11 in answering a question about domestic security.

7:09 -- The stooge from the local TV station asks Biden why he disagrees with Clinton and Obama's "vote against funding the troops." A loaded question. They didn't vote to defund the troops. They voted to defund the war. It has nothing to do with "hurting the troops."

7:12 -- Where is Gravel? We need to spice things up.

7:14-7:16 -- An Edwards-Obama-Clinton smackdown. Edwards insinuates Obama and Clinton voted at the last minute after checking the political wins. Obama calls Edwards out for being a Johnny-come-lately on the war; he says he was right about it all along. Clinton says its easy for those on the outside attacking those trying to legislate.

7:22 -- Biden calls all the far left canidates out about the silliness of their view the current Congress can end the war with Bush in the White House.

7:26 -- Obama is doing much better this time. Calls out Clinton for not ready the NIE before the war vote, noting Bob Graham did and that is why he was against the war.

7:27 -- Gravel says those who voted for the war are guilty of a moral failure. "More Americans died in Iraq than on 9/11 because of their poor moral judgment." More Gravel.

7:32 -- Biden is "speaking truth to power" on immigration. He's got this salty, practical shtick going today, and I like it.

7:35 -- Obama eloquently tells Wolf Blitzer that his question about whether English should be our "official" language is bullshit. The crowd applauds.

7:40 -- Obama and Edwards have a very impressive exchange about their health care plans. Dems have some good candidates.

7:43 -- Richardson is waxing incoherent about his health care plan. Somehow, a fat, jowly guy talking about his healthcare plan is not terribly compelling.

7:44 -- Blitzer is clearly ignoring Gravel. Which is great because when he is called on, he'll go volcanic.

7:50 -- Biden is doing his best Howard Beale impersonation. I dig it.

7:51 -- Richardson: "A president has to show leadership." Profound. Why is he talking but Gravel is getting no air time?

7:53 -- Clinton has a maniacal laugh. She's laughing at the bit Gravel is doing about Clinton.

7:57 -- A question about how Bill Clinton would be used in a ______ administration. They all agree he should be the ambassador for cumbaya.

8:07 -- The analysis from the CNN crew is predictably facile. During the Super Bowl, Animal Planet has something they call the "Puppy Bowl," where a bunch of puppies play. They should do a "Puppy Debate," where puppies give THEIR views on how to stop global climate change. I am in the "yip" camp on that issue.

8:10 -- Who is this dingbat from the local station funneling audience questions?

8:14 -- Just popped open a beer. Drinking game time. A drink every time someone mentions the need to support the troops. I only have a six pack, so I may run out of booze before this debate is over.

8:16 --Thanks Barack. Two "support the troops" statements in one answer.

8:18 -- Richardson is answering a question about whether veterans should have to go to VA hospital. He keeps telling the questioner what he would do for "her husband." It is her son who is serving in Iraq.

8:22 -- Hilary went the tart route tonight when it came to her makeup. And, I like it. Seriously, she's kind of turning me on during this response about what she would do vis-a-vis Iran.

8:29 -- Kucinich: I don't believe in assasination politics. So, he's fine with Osama Bin getting off scott free? Keebler Elves are more pacifist than Quakers, I tell you.

8:32 -- A question about Darfur. Excellent question. Biden says Sudanese government have forfeited their sovereignty by virtue of what they did. He is ready to push military force.People are asked if they agree? All hell breaks loose. People are talking over each other

8:35 -- Richardson: We need a foreign policy that cares about Africans. Finally, an applause moment for Jowly.

8:36 -- I give Dodd the nickname "Chins." He's wearing about 43 pounds of makeup. He looks like a geisha. If there are orange-faced geishas.

8:47 -- A question from a straight guy who owns a hair salon?

8:49 -- Wolf Blitzer trots out the "Deomcrats want to raise you taxes" canard in a follow up question. Democrats do not want to raise everyone's taxes. They only want to let tax cuts for people making over $200,000 to expire. That would mean a return to a 39% marginal rate (from 35%) for people in the top 3% of earners. It is a targeted, specific rollback. Why not correctly identify what these Dems are proposing. Oh yeah, that is right, Wolf cares more about getting a Democratic reponse to a Republican talking point. Because that is sooooo important.

8:53 -- Clinton does a good job addressing the point immediately above.

8:54 -- Gravel has gone nuts. He is talking about the Hamburglar raiding the Socail Secutity budget. Right? Or is he saying the Hamburglar is stealing burgers? What is he yelling about?

8:57 -- The problem I have with Edwards is that, sometimes, she is really vague.

8:57 -- Richardson is telling a teacher who asked a question he'd make sure she got paid more. Richardson may not be a top tier candidate here. But, he'd be a top tier candidate for panderer-in-chief.


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