Sunday, May 06, 2007


I have wanted a pet for some time. I travel so much, it is hard to take care of one. Then it dawned on me there is one type of pet that may actually fit my lifestyle. A and I hit the pet store yesterday to get one.

Kitt is one mean son of a bitch. He is a carnivore. And a cannibal. You put him in the same space as another male, he'll tear him up. Or the other male will tear him up. I know this because we almost got two, until the pet store geek warned us off it. Frankly, there was a dark side of me that mildly entertained the notion of Kitt and some other dude hashing it out. Mano-amano.

Or maybe I should say fisho-a-fisho. Kitt is a betta. Otherwise known as a Siamese fighting fish. Siam, as many of us know, is now known as Thailand. So, we sought a Thai name for him. We agreed on Kitt. Well, agree might not be the right word. A did careful research, and explained several names to me. I was watching something at the time and when she asked me whether I was listening to her, I said,"Sure, sure. Let's go with that one." Twenty minutes later, when she she referred to "Kitt," I figured out what "that one" was.

Kitt strikes me as being a bit bourgeois. Maybe it is the fact that he swims around in spring water. Yes spring water. Apparently, Kitt can't live in regular tap water because it is chlorinated. I bathe myself in normal water. I think he realizes the difference and looks down on me because of it.

He is also a bit lazy. He sleeps a lot. Or at least that is what I think he's doing when he's just floating there. I would like to get him some friends, but he'd kill and eat them all. Something I find both cool and tragic at the same time.

And, he just might be insane. I just caught him attacking the glass wall of the bowl. It may be that he sees his own reflection, thinks it is another fish and is attacking him. I am not so sure though. According to the DSM-IV, he is exhibiting signs disruptive behavior disorder. I am going to keep my eyes open for additional symptoms


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I guess The Hoff could use your Kitt too...

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