Monday, May 21, 2007

Hollywood For Ugly People

That is what they call D.C. And tonight, I spotted a celebrity on the metro home tonight: disgraced former Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson. Some observations:

1. He is short. I had about four inches on him, putting him at 5'6" or so.

2. He appears to have chronic back problems. We had to wait twenty or so minutes for the train tonight. He kept stretching and squatting.

3. He was really struggling with today's Post crossword puzzle.

4. We had beef with each other. He entered in the middle of the car, me at the end. He was standing to my left. I busied myself reading the recent New Yorker piece on L.A. mayor Villarogosa. I looked up at one point to see if he was still on the trian. I didn't see him. As my eyes scanned to the right, I saw him sitting and facing me. He was glaring at me. I glared back at him, adding a dollop of disgust. He went back to his crossword puzzle and quickly scurried off the train when he got to Pentagon City.


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