Wednesday, July 05, 2006

She Loves You. And, You Too.

A friend of mine is doing on-line dating and got the following scam email. I thought it was hilarious and am passing it along:

I wish to get acquainted with you; I hope you allow to make it for me. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Nadya. You will be, probably, surprised to receive this letter.
I want to tell you about the purposes of my life and about myself a little. I am an educated and cheerful woman. It will be very good, if you look at my picture. It will be the best way to judge my appearance. I have some pictures, and I will be glad to send you my pictures, so that you could see me better. My email is I always dreamed to find my love. I'm searching for my soul mate! My second half in my life!!! I want to say to you, that I do not search for an easy life. I search for my happiness in a life. Do you understand? I like to work; I like to have a fair life. I dream to create a family and to take care of my husband. I want a man who loves me and also take care about me. I like tenderness and kindness in a person. Also I like a decent and fair person. I'm young and I want to think about my family. I want to create a healthy and strong family in a lot of good statuses for a life! I will be waiting and I hope that you will not ignore my letter. Thanks! Sincerely yours, Nadya.
P. S. I have search to you, that you have written to me on this e-mail address: And it would be more convenient for me because I cannot pay completely my membership in the given site. I will be waiting for your answer impatiently!!!

(Joseph K: I think I might match up better with her than him. I am cheerful and educated man. I hope he doesn't mind me contacting her most impatiently).


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