Saturday, June 17, 2006

Univision's World Cup Coverage

There are many obvious reasons to choose Univision's World Cup coverage over ABC/ESPN's coverage. ABC/ESPN's announcers are terrible, offering insipid, useless insights. ABC/ESPN clouds the screen with useless graphics (did I need to know that England has had possession 67% of the time? What does that add?). And, for some reason ESPN2 comes through a bit fuzzy on my TV.

Univision, on the other hand, offers more energy and insight. Of course, I don't speak but maybe 10 words of Spanish so I don't understand any of it. But what I don't understand on Univision seems more profound than what I can understand on ABC/ESPN. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!" I get that.

But, leaving aside the game coverage, I just discovered Univision's pre-game show. And, it crushes ABC/ESPN again. On ABC/ESPN, you'll have Eric Wynalda or Judy Foudy repeating trite, obvious talking points. Dull. For Christ's sake, they have Brent Musbeger hosting the Czech-Ghana pregame show on ABC right now, and a featured studio analyst is some salty, incomprehensible former NASL player. He just grumbled to Alexei Lalas that he should watch more Italy games. What is his problem? (update: I was watching them argue about the US team after I posted this, and Eric Wynalda just challenged the salty guy to a fistfight after the show is over. And, he was not kidding. Musberger has lost control of the set.)

On Univision, it's a party. There is a band playing jazz music. The studio is filled with half-dressed women dancing to the beat. There are some knuckleheaded dudes thrown in as well, but they are given zero air time. The show is hosted by three attractive, busty women and this dude who doesn't say much. Two of the women are dressed in matching tight USA shits and blue hot pants. They're also wearing white go-go boots. The other woman is dressed in this top with a plunging neckline and a skirt that is about as short as you can get before having the FCC come after you. And, they are not just eye candy. The two women in matching outfits just gave some complex analysis of the Czech-Ghana game. I think. I recognized the word "Ghana." I am watching it now, and the band is playing "Good Times."


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go-go boots and a complex analysis of the game?? what more do anyone need?! :D

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