Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rolling Thunder

I was just driving home from brunch, and 395 North (into Washington) was a parking lot. Why? Rolling Thunder. Tens of thousands of bikers, mostly Vietnam Vets and their ladies, descend on D.C. like a swarm of locusts. Locusts with bad facial hair, riding Harleys. I wish they would just get the fuck out of here. Couldn't they just move the Vietnam memorial to Peoria or something?

They are really everywhere. I went to a nearby drug store (I live just outside the city) yesterday, and the parking lot was filled with maybe three hundred bikers. I circled the beer-swilling, profane throng looking for a parking spot. Finally, I found one, but there was the meaty biker chick puffing on what appeared to be a Virginia Slim standing in the middle of the spot. She was wearing a leather jacket which said "Nam Nights Ladies."

"Pardon me, could I just squeeze in there?" I asked.

"What the fuck is your problem, man?" this guy she was talking to said. I am not sure, but it might have been Skunk Baxter.

"I am just trying to get in there." You probably should have some context. There is this guy wearing a baseball cap, a Fat Albert tee shirt and cargo shorts (me) trying to park his late model European car in a throng of Harley Davidsons. And bikers who were various degrees of fucked up from a pointless war.

"This space is full, dude. Try somewhere else." I could push the issue some more. But, there is a good chance that I would go into the store, and come back to just my steering wheel and a twisted exhaust pipe. Nothing else. And then, I would die in some embarrasing way that involved a steering wheel and a twisted exhaust pipe.

So, I took Skunk's advice and went somewhere else. Somewhere five miles away.



Blogger tim chambers said...

Okay you met one asshole out of over 500,000 united Americans riding for pow/mia awareness. Most are Veterans, and family members that have had a family member serve, are serving, or had been killed in action. Get over it,,,,,,, and you can stereotype all you like, but just remember who allows you to be yourself, remember who sacrificed to ensure you have your freedom, and just maybe you might get off your ass and as the beatles put it "come together" and ask why do we have americans never accounted for that served in the war, regardless if you agree with the wars or not. This is what Rolling Thunder is fighting for. .....

4:24 PM  
Blogger Joseph K said...

Most of my post was hyperbolic nonsense. And, believe me, I appreciate the fact that these cats sacrificed so I can be a knucklehead. There is no greater freedom.

7:35 PM  

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