Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Job Approval

George Bush's job approval rating is at anywhere from 33% to 38%. I think the closest I ever got to that level of job approval is when I worked at a copy store when I was in college. My boss found it incredulous that I once ordered a bunch of 83 pound stock paper when he clearly asked for 84 pound stock.

"How could you be so stupid? Raffy never makes a mistake like that," He exclaimed.

He made it pretty clear that my approval rating had slipped below at least 50%. Raffy was an old, friendly Filipino guy with special needs. His approval rating was always higher than mine. He was a master collater.

"I'm a Dean's list student, Mr. Agwal. I'm not stupid."

"I don't care what list you are on at your school. How could you botch an order for 84 pound stage ivory white?"


"Because what?"

"Because maybe my life's aspiration is not to manage a shitty copy shop."

"You know that's it -- "

"It is it. Just draw up my last check and cut it." I was standing in his face, looking down at him (I had three inches on him.)

He wrote the check and shoved it at me.

My job approval rating was definitely down at 30% or so. Four of us worked there. Mr. and Mrs. Agwal, Raffy and me. I am pretty sure Raffy approved of the job I was doing. My approval for the work I was doing was lukewarm at best. I kind of did suck at copying shit.

But, Mr. Agwal had some recourse. We don't.


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