Thursday, March 09, 2006

Almost There

I've almost got my mojo back, a couple of things to clean up, and I'll be blogging more regularly. M. Fresh was in town yesterday, and I have to say the healing effect of too much wine and good conversation is powerful.

In any event, I have been plagued by strange, knowing looks for the past few days. People looking at me like they recognize me, but are not sure from where exactly. I don't have a familiar face.

No, its just that I took one of many small steps I have been taking towards fame. Deep down, I think I'm an attention whore. Which explains the anonymous blog read by about 15 people a day.

The step? I was featured in the local paper in a story this past week. Well, one of several people featured in it, a human interest story. But clearly the best and certainly the most witty. Since I have always jealously guarded my true identity, I can't say too much more about it.

The weird thing has been dealing with it in the office. The jokes of the jealous are many and telling. Guess who won't be getting tickets to the Nobel Prize ceromony in, say, 2016. For what? I don't know, bridging the divide between Generation X and Y? It doesn't matter really. It's mine.


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