Sunday, March 12, 2006

Almost There, Part 2 ("Hate Mail")

What a beautiful day it was becoming yesterday. Started off the morning by playing a servicable round of golf. The weather had been perfect, 65 degrees, no wind. On the way home, rolled down all the windows, popped the moon roof and blasted James Brown's "Get On Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" over and over and over. When I walked through the door into my house, it smelled lemon fresh; the cleaning folks had been by. I almost expected Angelina Jolie to be there to hand me a martini and take me upstairs (or maybe Garcelle Beauvais, I'm not fussy). That is just the way things were going.

Then, I turned on my computer. I had an email from my friend who wrote the article in which I was featured last week. Many letters to the editor, apparently. Mostly great. But, the letter they published was a negative one. Mostly, it slammed my friend. But, I got singled out as well for some jokey non-PC comment about a lefty cause (while generally progressive, I don't embrace all the causes like this one). The letter writer was this shrill, sensitive person who felt I was demeaning "an important cause" for the sake of silliness. And I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Was I demeaning the cause? Yes. Was I being silly? Absolutely. I am rarely not silly. Am I pissed? Not at all. It was hilarious. You are nobody until someone hates on you.

Maybe the day was continuing to get better.


Blogger Natalia said...

I get a weird thrill out of reading moronic responses to stuff I've written.

I'm getting that on Muslim Wakeup right now, though most of the comments where overwhelmingly positive.

Maybe it's a subtle form of creative masochism?

3:33 PM  

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