Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Sexiest Bloggers On The Internet

No, not the crew at Banality Fair. We are decidedly unsexy. Even contra-sexy. Inverto-sexy. Ok, enough.

Instead, we're talking about stud legal academics and newly minted bloggers: federal appeals court judge Richard Posner and law school professor Gary Becker. All you smart ladies drawn to their site will pretend like you are interested in, say, their scintillating discussion this week about pharmaceutical patents. Yet, when Posner writes, "the social cost of patents that was traditionally emphasized by economists is the wedge that a patent drives between price and marginal cost" ... you'll be thinking about being driven by a entirely different type of wedge.

See, ladies, I know you all will really be hopping on the site regularly -- -- to check out their chiseled, handsome mugs and daydream about being their sex slaves...and we won't blame you for it. It's hot!


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