Monday, December 06, 2004

Joseph K Is In Love

I read about this delightful creature, and she melted my heart: 'Black Widow' Wins Meatball-Eating Contest

Her name is Sonia Thomas. She is attractive, sexy, thin, and the greatest eater of our generation. More from the AP story about her exploits:

"Facing a field that included several men who could have fit the 105-pound Thomas into one of their pant legs, she finished off 89 meatballs in 12 minutes, or about one meatball shy of six pounds. The next closest competitor was nearly a pound behind.

Were that not impressive enough, this should strike fear into the hearts and stomachs of her
future foes: guys, she could have eaten more.

'I wasn't that full,' Thomas said after receiving the $2,500 winner's check. 'I had room for more. It was the swallowing that was the hard part.'

Thomas, 37, of Alexandria, Va., is the Lance Armstrong of competitive eating. Since taking up the pastime 18 months ago, she has won more than $40,000 and holds titles in a variety of food categories.

'I'm really competitive, and I knew I could eat more than a normal person,' Thomas said. 'So I wanted to see how much I could eat.'

Among the feats she can lay claim to are eating 11 pounds of cheesecake in nine minutes and 36 dozen oysters in 10 minutes. Last weekend she ate 52 hard-boiled eggs in five minutes at halftime of an NBA game in Orlando. "

She may be the most amazing woman in the world. How many hard-boiled eggs you can eat in five minutes is one of the principal criteria used to evaluate the "most amazing woman in the world," and I defy you to find a more amazing woman. I love her, and I love her proudly.


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