Thursday, December 02, 2004

Your Government Dollars at Work

L.A. television stations are apparently resisting the airing of a government-funded anti-syphillis featuring what one Reuters reporter called "an irascible chancre named 'Phil the Sore.'"

More from the story (L.A. TV Stations Shun 'Phil the Sore' Syphilis Ad):

"In the commercial two shirtless men meet at a bar and go home together. They part the following morning, one clad only in underwear and an open bathrobe, as the blob-like pustule character 'Phil' moves in -- bringing several friends toting boxes that read 'brain damage,' 'rash' and 'HIV pusher.'"

Phil seems like a absolutely appropriate name for a syphillis sore. I am waiting for the line of Phil the Sore toys and stuffed likenesses. The perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas season.


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