Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fit Club Week 4 Results

Starting weight: 174

Week 2 weight: 171

Week 3 Target: 169

Week 3 weight: 170

Week 4 target: 169

Week 4 weight: 169 Hit the target. A and I did a lot of walking on our trip to Montreal. We must have walked two to three miles a day, not including the long hike up and around Mont Royal on Thursday. Part of me wonders whether the "stomach problems" -- as I coquettishly like to refer to them -- I experienced after a rich fondue dinner Saturday night.

Enough weight loss, in the coming days I'll post about the trip A and I took, which featured: a tumorous liver, a woman who tried valiently, but unsuccessfully, to stomp my feet, the Madhatter, shawarma, shawarma, shawarma, and les boissons fantastique!


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