Sunday, September 18, 2005


Friday night, my computer got infected. It was struck by a Trojan Horse virus. Like most lazy, cheap Americans, I've blown off updating my Norton Utilities to get the latest virus protection, and a new virus slipped through my antiquated security system.

I was on Blog Explosion's web page, signing up to get on that service and boost readership here, when my computer got infected. So, first off, let me say a big boo to Blog Explosion if it was in any way connected to the catatrophe that befell my poor computer.

It was a relatively mild virus in that it didn't so any major structural damage. The virus infected my computer by (1) blocking me from controling my computer, (2) setting up a dummy windows page which kept telling me over and over that my computer was infected, and (3) constantly trying to direct my computer to a sketchy web site to "fix it" (I was able to disconnect the computer almost immediately thwarting that part of the scheme). The one time I tried to get on the web to go on Norton Utilities web site for a fix, it started spamming hard core teen and shemale porn (hopefuly NOT using my name). As far as I can tell, Norton blocked a lot of it, and I immediately unhooked the internet.

So what to do. I went to a couple of places which tried to get me to pay anywhere from $150 and $200 to fix it. Everyone was pushy, trying to freak me out ("the virus could be slowly eating away you computer. You gotta get it to us now"). When did this country become a country of hustlers? I must look like a complete mark. Or sound like one. "What's wrong with your computer?" "It's fucked." Maybe if I'd been more descriptive or used computer terms, they'd have been less opportunistic.

While comparison shopping, this one good kid at a Best Buy near my house asked me, "Are you ok if everything is erased that you've put on since you bought the computer?" Yes, either I've back stuff up elsewhere or it wasn't important. He continued,"Look, I can charge you $150, or you can do it yourself for free. Just do this and this." My computer has a built in recovery system for just these situations. I went home, did what the kid suggested, and thirty minutes later my computer was back to the way it was when I first bought it a year ago. It was healed.

To the sicko who unleashed the virus or worm or whatever it was that briefly disabled my computer, I only hope that he or she develops some sort of real bacterial or viral flesh rot to match their moral rot. I am still coming to grips with human depravity; it still doesn't make sense to me.


Blogger M. Fresh said...

Sometimes you have to wonder whether the virus-makers are, in fact, also the virus-healers. That would be quite a racket, wouldn't it, my dear?

12:12 PM  

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