Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I've been tagged by Sharfa, my first tagging ever. Here goes:

Ten Years Ago: A few weeks into law school in New York, and already I was developing a healthy cynicism. I think I set the record among my friends for having the most books in their original plastic wrapping. I spent most of my time trying to figure out all the world has to offer when buzzed. Losts. And a lot more peeing.

Five Years Ago: I was stuck in a law firm gig that was remakably uninteresting to me. I was something of a sedentary lump and gained about 35 pounds (5'10" and 210 pounds, not very sexy). I was so bored that during the fall of 2000, I went out and bought my house because I had nothing better to do one weekend. I was in my pre-blogging days then, sending silly email dispatches to a group of friends. Mostly about the 2000 election. A lot of the dispatches were about how gross Al Gore's makeout session with Tipper at the Democratic National Convention was. It still grosses me out. Yuck, I have to go wash up.

One Year Ago: New job, doing the people's work. Work life, more tolerable. I spent a week around this time playing Ernest Hemingway. I was in Key West writing nonsense, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling. One day I saw this huge barracuda when I was snorkeling. Then, I am pretty sure I caught him later on when a fishing outing. I don't think he appreciated it. Also, I sweated a lot during that trip. Yes, right around this time ago I was sweating profusely.

Yesterday: It was Monday. During fantasy football season, it becomes an extension of the weekend. I spent on hour on the phone with a friend of mine who high level employee at a major corporation, consulting about some trading opportunities. I put off returning calls until today (luckily my job gives me control over stuff like that). Then, I can home, worked out for an hour (between 2000 and now, I've dropped 40 pounds and at 170). And I played with my beard, which is less itchy these days, and becoming quite fetching.

Five Songs I Know All The Words To: Michael Jackson: "Beat It," Bobby Womack: "What Is This," Rolling Stones: "Sympathy for the Devil," Michael McDonald/Patti LaBelle: "On My Own," Red Hot Chilli Peppers, "Knock Me Down."

Five Snacks: grapes, trail mix, beef jerky, terra bliss blue potato chips, energy bars

Five Things I'd Do With $100 Million: buy the country of Mali (people included), donate $50 million to build a museum to study all things Joseph K, clone myself, invest in a company to design my own men's fragrance, pay someone to tell me every day that the supermodel women I'd be dating are really into me

Five Places I'd Run Away To: Port Antonio (Jamaica), South Africa (I understand why Chapelle went on his retreat there), Tulum (Mexico), Langano (Ethiopia), Paris

Five Things I'd Never Wear: white pants, anything pink, a thong, penny loafers, a fanny pack

Five Favorite TV Shows: X Files, Simpsons, Sopranos, Rome (know its early, but damn its a good show), Power Puff Girls

Five Greatest Joys: This is taking me a while. I am one fucking selfish dude, because everything involves me. I suck. But, not too bad. That's one great joy? Family. Friends. The other joys are not appropriate for this PG-13 rated blog.

Five Favorite Toys: The new car, the treadmill, the computer, the golf clubs, the really realistic sex doll

Five People To Tag: There are six folks, actually. I'd love to see how Tequilita, Henry, Stefanie (although I think she's said she's not a huge tagging fan), Jenn, Earl C and Chemical Billy would respond, but no pressure.


Blogger Jenn said...

me, Jenn?? ('cause my parents weren't that original in my naming, and there are a lot of us out there)

if so, give me a few days while the aforementioned parents finish their vacation here and head back to their own home. I'm barely getting a few minutes a night to be on the computer - certainly not enough time to recall where I was ten years ago...or come up with 5 other people who actually read my blog...

if not, um, that's okay too. really. :D

1:14 AM  
Blogger Joseph K said...

Yes you, Jenn from Canada. Take your time. Cheers.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Chemical Billy said...

Oh, whee, I've been tagged! I'll have some R-rated answers for you soon, joseph...

2:13 PM  
Blogger Stefanie said...

Ahh, THANK YOU, sir, for revealing that you are losing weight. It is a subject that absorbs most females and it's nice to hear a guy concerned by this. I, too, work out, losing the weight slowly. No wierd Atkins shit, just working out and watching the food. Loving the work out adrelinilin, how about you?

3:35 AM  

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