Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Next Phase

I was going to put this as a comment on SS's post below, but I wanted it out on the front page: it is really with great sadness that Banality Fair loses one of its founders, Spiral Stairs. His posts were incredibly well written, and always very funny and interesting. They had soul, unlike my more detached musings. And, he is almost single-handedly responsible for publicizing this blog and getting us the readers we have today.

Lucky for me, I won't have to try and keep this ship afloat on my own. I'll be getting a new partner at Banality Fair. And, in keeping with tradition, they are (1) a much better and more interesting writer than me and (2) far less annoying. They don't have the fetching beard I am growing, but don't you dare hold that against them. The new partner will be debuting this week, so hopefully some of you will continue to come back.


Blogger Chemical Billy said...

Oh, I'm interested to read & grill the new blogger-on-the-block. And you are always a good read, jk.

2:19 PM  

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