Sunday, January 16, 2005

Where is Cotton Mather, Part 2

Speaking of music, last we heard from Cotton Mather, he had been seriously wounded after foolishly attempting to learn yak wrestling from a blind Nepalese sherpa. I am pleased to report, he has taken on more benign, safe -- and rythmic -- pursuits recently.

Cotton has recently been attending Boy Band school at a secret location in rural Montana. He has recently graduated, but it was not without difficulty. Cotton struggled through his singing and dancing classes (mustering Ds in both, with the word "the worst ever" having been bandied about liberally by his professors), and was about to fail out of his class. He managed to crush in his "Career Longevity" course where he scored a solid A. Of course, he was aided by the fact that visiting professor Neneh Cherry was grading on a big curve. Still, it counted.

He is now touring with an up and coming boy band called the "Rite Guyz," where he is known as "C.C." who is described in the band's promotional materials as "the erudite, sensitive one." We wish him good luck and continue to await his return.


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