Friday, January 14, 2005

I Hate LA -- A Brief Rant

I have always had beef with LA. The layout. The vibe. It doesn't like me. I don't like it.

But, it was excessive this time. Getting around that is. I had a meeting in Westwood. Then, I had to drive to Tustin for another meeting. Left at 2:45 from Westwood. Got to Tustin at 4:45. The 405, insane. Route 22. Even worse. The 5 was more tolerable, but just barely.

I like driving, but the parking lot vibe was punishing. What had I done other than trying to get from point A to B? The drive frome Tustin to San Diego (next destination) was painful as well. I am sure to people who live in LA this sounds like excessive whining from an East Coaster that just hasn't gotten used to it. Perhaps. But, it was driving me mad.

Then, there was the radio (no cds with me). The music was terrible. I got stuck with Tom Lykes on the radio. What a fucking maniac; he was babbling about how victims of domestic violence ask for it. Lovely.


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