Thursday, December 30, 2004

Watch Where You Point That Thing

Man Allegedly Swallows Man's Finger in Bar. More from the story:

"A man allegedly bit off and swallowed another man's finger during a bar brawl, court officials said Thursday ...

Prosecutor Isau Janhi said [Alex] Nyarubakora was arguing with his wife in a bar last week when he became angry at a second man's attempts to intercede.

After the two men began fighting, Nyarubakora is accused of biting off his opponent's finger, chewing and swallowing it. No remains of the finger were found by police at the scene, Janhi said."

No shit no remains were found at the scene. He swallowed the evidence! Wait a few hours, and investigate the secondary crime scene, aka the toilet, to see if any evidence may be found there.

I wonder what Alex is telling his friends about what he did. "Listen, guys, I know it seems weird, but it really wasn't that bad. Fingers are surprisingly tasty, you know, chewy on the outside, crunchy in the middle."


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