Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions Courtesy Of

I am exploring becoming a Kabbalah adherent. If it is good enough for Britney Spears, then...enough said. Want to make 2005 more Kabbalah-tastic? Here are some meaningful, useful New Years Resolutions courtesy of (note they recommend you say them out loud to get some added "push" (not sure what that means, perhaps I'll learn more as I delve further into the Kabbalah):

1. I solemnly affirm to make spirituality a priority in my life.
2. I solemnly affirm to think about the people in my life, the benefits I get from them, and the spark of Godliness in them.
3. I solemnly affirm to pray/meditate every day for the world to be a little bit better.
4. I solemnly affirm not to speak ill of anyone.
5. I solemnly affirm to do something for someone sometime without them knowing about it.
6. I solemnly affirm to send an anonymous donation to a charity.
7. I solemnly affirm to feel good about myself, and to hell with what anyone else thinks about me.
8. I solemnly affirm to turn my cell phone off when appropriate to do so.
9. I solemnly affirm not to forward questionable “urban legend” emails to all my friends.
10. I solemnly affirm to give gifts that the recipient really wants, not gifts that I want them to have.

Feeling more Kabbalahish already?


Blogger Henry Baum said...

Happy New Year, Banality Fair! May your Tree of Life go to 11.

8:43 PM  

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