Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thoughts From Recent Travels

Joseph K was on the road the past few days and the following thoughts occured to him:

1. Austin, Tx: Saw a dead pigeon while doing a walking tour of the city. Struck me. I live in D.C., the home to millions of pigeons and I have never seen a dead pigeon. This pigeon struck me as an anamoly. You don't see any dead pigeons in places where they are know to congregate. You may seen some busted up pigeons, missing feet, beaks, pride. But not dead. So that begs the questions: Where do pigeons normally go to die?

2. Austin, Tx: Watched the local Veterans day parade. My favorite veteran? This one guy in a woman's housecoat. He eventually shed it and revealed that he was wearing nothing but a thong that left little to the imagination. And, he was wearing a fanny pack. What was in the fanny pack. His loose cash? His dignity? I guess if you are cruising around in a thong, it is important to have a convenient carrying pack.

3. Plane from Chicago to D.C.: Are a belching , farting priests somehow less righteous? The devil was coming out of the priest sitting next to me, and news flash: the devil stinks. Not so much sulphury as shitty.


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