Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No, Wait

So, A and I were sitting at a table, eating lunch after a memorial service last Saturday. A friend of my mom's sat down with us.

"So, who is this?" she asked, indicating A.


"A, what..."

"Do you want to know her last name?" I asked. Strange.

"No, eh, you know."

"Oh, uh, she's my fiance."

"Oh, congratulations. So, when is the wedding? It can't be May 10, I can't make it then."

Can't make it? My parents have been allocated 35 people. She's a bubble person. It is not clear she'd make the final cut of people who will actual get an invite. "Uh, it's May 25 next year."

"Oh perfect. Then I can definitely make it. I've never been to Texas," she said digging into her food.

Wait, I thought she didn't know who A was or anything about the wedding. "Yeah, it's nice. We'll be near Austin."

"You need to send save-the-date cards. People are sending them out. Wait too long, and people will agree to go to other people's wedding."

Really? I turned to A. And told her, with my eyes, that we should wait to the absolute last minute. At least that was what I was trying to do. Did she get it? She was chewing, so I couldn't really tell.

"She's right," a woman next to her said. "You can't wait. I already have two weddings in May. Where is it going to be in Texas?"

Wait, who was this? I didn't even know who she was. I felt the situation spiraling out of control. I almost lied. That way, this woman might end up in Dallas or something on May 25. Sure my mom's friend might too. But, hey, like I said: she's a bubble person.

Frankly, I don't get the desire to go to someone else weddings. I barely want to go to my own wedding (shhhh -- don't tell A). Not because I don't want to be married. Because I don't want to be on display. Weddings have an air of mildly crass exhibitionism.

People like my mom's friend have probably gone to 50, maybe 75 weddings in their lifetime. Shoot, I've been to 25 or so. And it is gotten to the point that the cultural diversity is starting to fade for me. Somehow I've ended up at two Sikh weddings and still haven't figured out that since I'll be sitting for two hours, better pick a spot against a wall. (If you don't know what I am talking about, sit cross-legged on your floor for 10 minutes; you won't make it unless you are into meditation.)

The free booze and food is not worth the monotony. Well, maybe one more time for me. Next May 25. After then, that's it.


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