Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Unreal World

The Real World: Denver

10:01: "Me and you is Bonnie and motherfucking Clyde!"

10:02: "Women have these kinds of things messed up!"

10:03: "I can smell their menses, it's like bratwurst" (ok, made that up)

10:06: "Seeing her party, she turns into this firecracker animal."

10:07: "Just because you are a big black man, doesn't make you better than me."

10:09: (yelling -- awesome)

10:14: "That's just what happens when people drink."

10:15: "Bottom line, drinking makes certain people volatilely."

10:17: "Welcome to the world of reality."

10:19: "Hell to the naw."

10:27: "When I'm drunk, I become this cocky mess."

10:27: "I've determined I have a problem. I drink entirely too much."

10:28:"I have this boss and she's an alchoholic. And, you remind me of her."

10:28: (cheesy save your life music)

Our youth...


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