Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Say No

Everyone has a chance to be redeemed. Alcee Hastings was given a chance to be something special when he was appointed a federal judge. He wasted that opportunity by being, well, opportunistic. Reckless. Surrounding himself by the wrong people and circumstances. He had a choice, and chose poorle.

He started rebuilding his life, and has done some good things with his second chance. But, that doesn't mean he is entitled to everything. Noam Chomsky is problematic in many ways, but said one thing that resonates with me: the rightness or wrongess of an act is defined by its identifiable consequences, not intention. And, you have to deal with the consequences of a knowing act. He deserves some things, but not every thing. That's just how it is. He can do good some ways, but not every way.


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