Saturday, July 02, 2005

Another Animal Injustice Rectified

As some of you may know, I am a strong advocate against the wrongful imprisonment of animals. I was a strong voice calling for the release of Pacho, a Colombian burro who was wrongfully imprisoned for causing an accident with motorcyclist; what made the situation particularly egregious is that the motorcyclist was drunk, but Pacho still got blamed.

I am pleased to announce that...well, it has no name I know if...a Nigerian cow was freed after it had been imprisoned on murder charges. The cow had gored and trampled a bus driver who had pulled over to take a piss in a field.

Can you really blame the cow for being...well, pissed? That field is probably where the cow eats. And this bus driver has the nerve to just piss on its food. Imagine if a cow came into your dining room and pissed on your souffle. You'd be ready to headbutt the creep.

The owner was charged with negilgence and "a dangerous act" for letting the cow roam so freely. I guess this story is a warning to all that cows are not toys or playthings. If you have kids, you probably should keep any cows you have locked up in a safe.


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