Thursday, December 20, 2007


Aside from his general creepiness (this man has the face of Death), did anyone else find something wrong with this video?

Ron Paul is a pseudo-Republican. He is really a libertarian. Who for a minute believes he loves Christ who -- with all his love-the-poor and pro-tax talk (give unto Caeser, etc.) -- was clearly a dangerous, big government liberal? Plus, Christmas is one big "hand-out," with people expecting stuff to be given to them, as opposed to folks exercising their freedom to get things on their own. I imagine that once the director yelled cut, Paul instructed his kids (apparently, he has about 50 based on what I saw in the ad) to "go forage for their dinners."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Struggle

It has been exceedingly difficult for me to maintain a regular presence in blogosphere, which is no doubt a disappointment to my 6 regular readers. Why? Its been a combination of things from a crushing work schedule which results in a general fatigue/malaise when I am not spending 14 hours a day doing work nonsense.

But, something has been stirring the fire within me these days. It was the passion the drew myself and the original BF crew to blogging: politics. I am unheathily hooked on this election. Even the absurdities coupled with the vapidity of the reporting on the race.

For example: the National Enquirer wants us to believe that John Edwards may be mildly retarded. John Edwards declared himself a candidate for president on December 28, 2006. At some point in the past year or two, he somehow got professionally involved with a psychotic hippy named Lisa Druck who now goes by the name Rielle Hunter. Apparently, she made some crappy videos for Edwards' One America PAC that he never used. According to the National Enquirer reports, Druck is now six months pregnant. The rag dances around the claim that John Edwards may be the father.

Let's do the math: Some time in June 2007 -- six months into a presidential run -- John Edwards decided to have unprotected sex with Druck/Hunter. With a wife suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. And gets Druck/Hunter knocked up. To do that, Edwards would require a remarkable level of idiocy which -- fortunately for him -- he does not possess. Seriously, I have some dumbass friends who've gotten curable STDs while cheating on their wives who would never do something that dumb. My friend S would probably say, "You need patience. After the election. Plus, you'll probably get better quality if you win."

The only reporter/blogger who seems to be giving this inherently stupid rumor alive is Mickey Kaus, who as we all know, has an unhealthy obsession with where politicians put their genitals. When he is not obsessing over that human carcinogen, Ann Coulter.

That said, he does have a column on Slate magazine. Frankly, I'd be probably willing to dedicate 10% or so of my blogging to politicians' genitals if it got this blog picked up by Slate. Bill Richardson's genitals think we need to get out of Iraq immediately. Wow, it's easier than you think.