Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going To Hell

If I was God:

1. People who take the elevator to go one floor.

2. People who walk slow in no discernible pattern.

Monday, August 13, 2007


First things first. 169. That is where I ended up at the end of fit club. I was 171 this AM. Ugh. Back to working out...

I have been swamped. But after one of many hiatus(i?), I am back for a bit. Over the next few months I will chart major developments personal and political.

This weekend, I am off to meet the probably/likely in-laws-to-be this weekend. A keeps asking me if I am nervous. Because, as she keeps reminding me, she is. Since the most common thing she says to me is, "you're ridiculous," she might very well have reason to be.

While all that is happening, I am putting my house on the market. My realtor came by to check out the condition of the house. She commented that the house looked great and barely lived in. Not a shock since I have been a bachelor for much of the past seven years. The result of that: I spend more on leisure activities and far less on furnishing. I have a level on my house that is unfurnished. Seriously.

So, my realtor wants to put some "staging furniture" in my house. To make it more homey. I was concerned it would involve domesticated nonsense and some such. I wanted whatever staging furniture to say me: beanbags, a pool table, stripper pole (for effect only, of course), etc. But, I didn't want to pay squat to create a fiction to have someone want to buy my place. When she said she had staging furniture that she'd let me use for free, I concluded that whatever she had in mind was perfect. It already is.