Friday, July 28, 2006

We love you, David Hasselhoff. You can go now.

Does anyone think it's ironic - and if not ironic, then very weird - that David Hasselhoff is a judge on a show called "America's Got Talent"?

I love David Hasselhoff in the same way I love William Shatner and Doug Henning. They persist in the nation's celebrity consciousness, even though they elicit giggles at just the mention of their names. They are their own joke. Shatner has taken impressive advantage of his own cheesy persona, so kudos to him. (Check out Shatner's version of Elton John's Rocket Man. Priceless.) Henning, not so much.

But Hasselhoff?

Sure, millions of Germans think he's a rock star. Sure, he'll live on forever in syndicated episodes of Knight Rider and Baywatch. But will anyone ever take his curly-haired, blue-eyed, gangly-bodied displays of shirt-cut-down-to-there, mediocre talent seriously? Or will we all continue to laugh at his obvious silliness, until the hotel minibars of the world finally extinguish his fragile but bitter flame? (Don't forget it was his greedy consumption of the entire contents of a hotel minibar that sent him on the path to - at least - recovery from alcoholism. Now, if those tiny bottles of booze could have done something about his ego...)

I've got 4 words for you: David Hasselhoff: The Musical.

You gotta give the guy some credit for trying, no matter how much you want him to stop.


Blogger Joseph K said...

That Shatner version of Rocket man may be the greatest thing I have ever seen. And I've seen Jesus.

9:06 AM  

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